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How To Make Money Online From Your Sites With Chitika

     Chitika is a data analysis company in the business of on-line advertising. Through the application of data and innovative technology in the field of Chitika mobile, local and search have developed a vast global network that maximizes yield for both publishers and advertisers.
What mean of Chitika? When the founder of Chitika, Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario left Lycos in 2003 to start their own company, they sought a name that would suggest the speed that customers will be able to advertise on their websites. Chitika, which means "snap of the fingers" in Telugu (South Indian language), captures this sentiment and Chitika Inc. was born. Chitika introduced its online-advertising in January, 2004.
Chitika allows you to display ads on your website, blog, app or mobile site, with content from our high-quality network of advertisers. Chitika offers search-targeted, mobile, and local ads to best target your users. Become a publisher today and bring your revenue to a whole new level with Chitika.

- Why is Chitika different?

Chitika is the only ad-network which knows when not to show an ad, helping to preserve your user experience.
Chitika ads that we put on the blog / website will automatically be entered in the search when people are looking for something on a search engine., The ad will be seen by people based on their searches. This greatly increases the likelihood that a user will click on an ad, because the content that appears directly related to their search query.

Chitika bringing targeted search advertising from search engines to your site. We know what the user enters a search query to find your site, so the ad serving directly what they are looking for in the search engines.
     When search traffic into ad network Chitika, we look at the search terms that users enter. Not a contextual advertising, we can see and advertise directly to the user's intent. You can also use Chitika Ads with AdSense because Chitika Ads non-contextual and do not look like AdSense units.

- How To Use Chitika?

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