The negative impact of computers on health

The Negative Impact Of Computers On Health

     As information technology and communication devices, computers bring benefits to many users, because there are the values ​​of efficiency and effectiveness and will be obtained. But on the other hand, there harmful aspects that we need  anticipation.Therefore, we need to pay attention to health during use that computer. Although health is influenced by many factors, but for people who have a high commuter intensity of usage,the computer becomes a factor causing health problems are highest.

Characteristics of the health problems that tend to lower the level of disturbance or injuryarising gradually after using the computer in any period of time and repetitive (repetitive).Although it appears to be slow and  gradually, the end result remains the same form ofserious health problems such as nervous disorders, visual disturbances, bibs and ankleinjuries. Average of the disorder caused by lack of blood flow and tension in certain parts of the body continuously and repeated. This can last for years before the disorder emergedas a serious injury.
If you include someone who has a computer usage intensity is high, then the health side is important to note. The use of any computer that has the potential not only when you do schoolwork, but also when you are playing games, browsing the Internet, and play movies. It may cause health problems.

     Broadly speaking, health problems due to incorrect use of computers grouped into three namely:

1. Disturbances in the eye and head

2. Disturbances in the arm and hand

3. Disorders of the neck, shoulders, and back.

Disturbances in the eyes and head are often called computer vision syndrome, rangingfrom pain or headache, dry and irritated eyes, tired eyes, until the disorder is moreserious and more permanent like a weak ability to focus the eyes, blurred vision(Astigmatism, myopi, presbyopi), double visibility, disorientation to color.

     Disturbances in the arms and hands from wrist pain due to interference with the autotendon in the wrist, elbow pain, to more serious injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndromeis the pinched nerve in his wrist that causes pain all over his hands. These injuries must be overcome before it's too late, because at an advanced stage surgery had to be done.Group of other disorders of pain in the neck, shoulders, back and waist. Pain in this section are often painful disorder resulting in the thigh and calf

To that end, let us anticipate any negative effects on the health of your computer by reading an article about USING A COMPUTER WITH THE CORRECT POSITION

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