Using a computer with the correct position

     Listed below are some simple instructions that can be done when using a computer, in order to avoid any unwanted case.

1. eye sight
to reduce pain in the eye to focus due to the view screen, it is suggested that the monitor has an anti glare screen, or wear colored glasses.

2. Body Position
     The lack of proper seating position can make us less comfortable in front of the computer. Therefore, look for a chair that will support your back and make the legs reach the floor. Elbows and knees should form a 90 degree angle and have to sit up straight. Put the keyboard should be as high as the elbow so the arm and finger movements can reduce muscle tension and joint.

Thighs in a horizontal position and the lower back or hips supported. Without this, back and waist we will potentially have problems. If the seat can not be set, the lower back can be helped by being given a pillow. The soles of your feet should be flat rivet on the floor when sitting and when using the keyboard.

      If not then the seat may be too high and we can make use of leg braces. Sometimes change your seat position while working, sitting in a fixed position in the long term will accelerate the inconvenience

3. The location of the wrist, fingers, and arms
At the time of typing, make sure that the location of the wrist, fingers, and arm in a relaxed state, not arched and tense. This is done to avoid disease repetitive stain injury (RSI) / arthritis caused when a person works using mouse and keyboard at an incorrect position

4. rest     
     Rest for 10 minutes after work one hour at the computer to the eyes and other organs are also at rest.

To more precisely, we should know about the negative impact of computers on health and about Arrangement of computer equipment 

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