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how to change Nofollow To Dofollow

Advantages Nofollow blog:

1. SEO increases.
2. Not many spammers in the comments.
3. Blogs are not much considered JunkBlog
4. Stable and increase blog ranking

Loss Nofollow Blog:

 1. Not as much blog dofollow comments
2. Not as busy visitor dofollow blog
3. Not as famous as dofollow blogs
4. Visitors are less stable

Advantages dofollow blog:

1. Traffic received from visitors is very unusual.
2. Many comments.
3. Blog increasingly popular
4. More likely to subscribe to / follow our blog.
5. Stable although visitors rarely update

Loss Dofollow blog:

1. Decreased SEO, because search engines are overwhelmed with hundreds of links that are on your blog
2. If you install the blog advertising space, many of which utilize Advertiser dofollow blog for comments which will be a Backlink
3. Many SPAMer. because only after backlinks only.
4. Should always edit and delete blog to answer questions.
5. If comments are not like our blog categories, it can be considered JunkBlog.

How to change Nofollow to Dofollow Blog :

go to dashboard> design> edit html, then check Expand Widget Templates, and then locate the following html code (Use Ctrl + F to make it Easier) :

<a expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow’><></a>

Replace it with the Code :

<a expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’><></a>
And Then Search This code
<a expr:href=’data:backlink.url’ rel=’nofollow’><data:backlink.title/></

Replace It With This Code :

<a expr:href=’data:backlink.url’><data:backlink.title/></a>

Then Click Save Template

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