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15 ways to make the most visited Blog

Now, will provide some tips for our blog visited by many people, and person will visit your blog again next time. Actually, these tips are not enough, but you can use it. According to my experiments, it may give some benefits. Until then read article Quick Way Indexed In Google .

1.Place Automatic Read More (See here how to create automated Readmore)
2.Place Auto Related Post (See The Way In here)
3.Update your Blog (Minimum of 1 day 1 Post ,If You Cannot, 1 Week 1 Post also does nothing) Better not make the same article with the article on a blog or another website (imitate or copy and paste)
4.Place Random Post (See The Way here)
5.Make a Post are interconnected and make an interesting article
6.Creating an interesting title on each article
example : -How To Speed Up Your Internet Connection (AND) -How To Speed Up Internet Connection To Be Like Lighting 

7.Make your article according to the theme of your blog, if that does not make the article are associated with your blog theme, it could be detrimental
8.Do Ping, 1 day 1 time is enough (Do not be too much to Ping, it can be mistaken for SPAM by Search Engine) Or Every You Make A Update On Your Blog
9.Commented on the blog is popular, and if you can relate to the theme of your blog. If it Dofollow Blog, it will be better. (1 Day 5 Comments already enough) Do not forget to link your blog(See here to distinguish Blog Dofollow and Nofollow)
10.Do Exchange Link with other Blog (My blog too)
11.Spread in Social Networks like Facebook or Twitter every time you post an article pulled and invite your friends to comment on your blog.(Make a Fans Page ,Like This :
12.Submit your article to every Social Bookmarking site like
13.Make the background or image Blog accordance with the theme of your blog
14.The human eye is more obvious to read the text, black on white rather than white on black
15.Make a Article of your Hobby (like Game, Music, etc.) REMEMBER! The label on his own! And stay focused first on the theme Blog (Blog post themes are preferred, articles about your hobby can you make-if there is idle time)

Already alone could explain, thank you (REMEMBER HOW THIS WOULD NOT ENOUGH)
And you have to be patient, this is not the way of instant

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