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The Best Internet Browser Software

Excess Of Mozilla Firefox
1.Level of popularity in the eyes of Internet users are very good 
2.The Development is very rapid
3.Browser security is more potent than other browsers 
4.Has a variety of add on a lot and continue to be developed by the owners and developers around the world (Betatester). 
5.Browser configuration is more complete than Internet Explorer
6.The relatively small size of the application, which is about 4.7 MB, compared to IE which can reach 80 MB
7.A more compact appearance of the page wider and more compact the toolbar area.

Disadvantages Mozilla Firefox 
1.Periods of time when running the program the first time
2.There is a need to add on to function optimally, see the ferocity of the cracker after learning that a high level of popularity.
3.Firefox update means downloading a new version, other upgrades enough with IE only.
4.Specific web page processing time is slower, presumably due to compatibility issues or compatibility between coding web pages with Mozilla Firefox browser.
5.Mozilla Firefox is not integrated with Outlook and Outlook Express, some e-mail facilities are not going well. Even some online forms do not respond to key presses Enter.

Weaknesses of Google Chrome
1.Privacy: Google keep 2% of user search interpretation, complete with IP address-a. Although in some particular time interpretation will be anonymized. This means that google could know "who is looking for what and where"
2.License: Google could put them in the Terms of Service, that all the content of users whose copyright is owned by the user will be delivered right on Google. But indicate it has been revoked by the Google.
3.Security Gap: Some experts found the confidence of small holes / bugs on the chrome. So that when opening a web page will make the browser to crash. And Chrome also has the Auto Download underline the concern would be misused by hackers
4.Extensions: In Chrome there is no extension / plugin / addon that can be added. Unlike Firefox which has many additional Application can create and improve browser performance.
5.Language: In chrome when we choose to use the Japanese language Or Other Language there will be some awkwardness in the language.

Google Chrome Pros
1.Display: At the Interface of Chrome seems that google wants its users to focus more on the web and forget about the browser being used. This means that Google Chrome has a disturbing and uncomfortable when not being used
Camouflage mode: In this mode allows its users to access the website without leaving a trace.
3.Web applications: Google gives the option "Make Application Shortcut". Underline this with a web application such as GMAIL or Google Teader Shorcut can be run through the Desktop or Start Menu. That looks like a local application
4.Memory management: In each TAB to open in Chrome has a separate process, so that when the error / crash on one tab , no error will cause the entire browser. (This deficiency is found in FireFox and other browsers
5.Search: Chrome has an excellent search function. For example, chrome daat detect when users had to search on a website and enter a website in the list of search providers.
6.Anti Fraud: Chrome provides the ability to thicken a website domain name. For example there is a fraudulent website addressed, it will bold so it would be expected under the user is not aware sites / official website of the website.

Fortunately, people who've read my article about How to speed up Internet connection to be like lightning  This is the reason why I do it...

-Okay, I chose Fire Fox web browsing for the first because, although there are some weaknesses, it looks like it could be tricked by Add On. And we can add a variety of Add On.(This Means It Is Suitable For Any)

-I chose Google Chrome for Central Browser because have Incognito mode feature, anti-fraud and his memory processing. Oh yes, there is one more, because Google Chrome is not so annoying (It is suitable for what you do not want anyone to know, or perhaps for a business?For Business? I Not Think So ,But Maybe?)

-Okay, for the problem of Internet Explorer and Safari ...
I chose Safari for my additional browser because Safari Is My Deafult Browser (I use Mac) 
I think the deafult browser from each operating system can be a useful(This can be useful for your Default Browser? Can also be added to your Additional browser? (Actually this is not so important, but okay))

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