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An 15 easy way to be accepted by google adsense within 2 hours for free

1.Make a blog from blogspot or paid domain plaftrom (do not use a free domain expect blogspot) (haha, paid domain plaftrom? This Article say "for free")

2.Use your blog with English language, because English is the language most widely used

3.Should be many who visit your blog (at least 80 people per day) look at THIS article least you have a lot of blog articles, and suggested there are several articles which are related (at least 10 article but I recommend 50 articles) 10 article not problem too

5.every article that cloud have 2 comment or more (recomended 10 articles) This is only if you can

6.Submit your blog to Google Webmaster

7.Do not forget to register your blog sitemap

8.Create an article about Privacy Policy and put it in a place easily seen by visitors, and GoogleBot

9.Your blog must be old (I mean not-so new blog)

10.write a post about google adsense
write article about google adsense. then google adsense assume that we advertise them, so the sooner we will be accepted by them.

11.Make an article about earning money online.

12.Do not make a copy paste article

13.Blog view should be interesting
Let us together to beautify the blog. But do not be too burdensome blog page loading yes. Dispose of unnecessary and burdensome widgets only loading page. Make your blog look as modern as possible. Also replace the default Blogger template with the template download.

14.Strive to increase your blog traffic by blogwalking and of course the interesting articles of his own works. Attach the widget also shows your blog treffic example Flagcounter,Histatsand Alexa.

15.Create a new Adsense account. If you have registered of google adsense few times but still not accepted as well. Your account is, to be completely new, from the email, check the recipient's name and address, phone number and all associated with the account registration.

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