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How to make a blog for free

  1. You must create a gmail account to use this particular blog site. If you do not have a gmail account, sign up for free at

  2. Once your gmail address is set, go to to create a blog.

  3. Sign in using your new gmail address and password in the upper right corner.

  4. Enter a display name.

  5. Choose a title (Example : Information Technology) and URL address. The address will be the website link you give to your readers. Example:

  6. Choose a template background for your blog. Click on the image you prefer, and then click Continue.

  7. Your blog website has been created! Click Start Blogging.

  8. Time to post.When you create a post, enter in a Blog Title and the body of your entry. It will automatically be dated and time stamped. You can click "Preview" to see what your blog will look like before you finalize it. When you are ready to make the blog public, click "Publish Post." If you're not ready to publish the blog just yet, you can click "Save Now" to publish later. You can edit a post at any time by clicking the "Edit Posts" tab.

  9. The Extras - Settings and Dashboard - When you feel comfortable writing and posting blogs, you can manage your settings regarding security, publishing features, etc. The Dashboard controls your account, allowing you to change your profile and view multiple blogs if you have them. This is the homepage where you can add new posts by clicking "New Post" as well as click "Edit Posts" to view and change any existing blog you may have started.

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