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What is Google Adsense? Advertise, you get the money

Do you know what it is google adsense? let's discuss it. Google Adsense is a program created by Google to display ads, the contents of the adsense ads are usually text link or image to commersil installed on a website or blog. Usually in the form of text or image that contains a link or can also be a Search box or a box to search. Google will pay the advertiser every time a link is clicked. Usually the link or the image will be adjusted to the content of the website automatically by Google. For example, the website associated with ebok Adsense advertisers have anything to do with the ebook.

There are several types of adsense provided by google adsense namely:

1. Adsense for content.
This type is the usual type. This is the most widely used one. Shape the form of advertising that we will get a dollar if anyone clicks on these ads with other words that PPC (Paid Per Click). But sometimes we also get a dollar every 1000 impressions / (Paid Per Impression)

2. Adsense for search.
Which is shaped in the form of "search engines". We will only get paid when someone makes a search through a search engine that we put on our web / blog and then the person clicks on one of the search results in the form of advertising, so not all results in the form of paid advertising. Usually there is given a box and writing "Ads by google"

3. Referrals.
Adsense Referrals form exactly the same as type "for content", ie only the difference of dollar acquisition system. this type, we will get paid if there is a subscription / download / buy / use the pruduct of the ad.

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