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How to speed up your blog loading

     Your blog loading is too slow? Your blog is not loading as fast as you want? Maybe this step can help you for faster blog loading and make your blog loading as fast as you want! Okay, this the step:

1. Optimization of blog loading pages

A. Do not get too much use of widgets. Use the widget that important, especially to support navigation. And dispose of widgets that are not so important, such as clocks and calendars. Why? Now i ask you! So your computer or laptop do not have a clock? You must be have! And that widget make visitors remember the time, later he did not even explore our blog (^_^)(kidding).

B. Don't use many picture on your blog! Because picture can increase your blog loading time. And if you want use picture on your post, just make your picture with fixed size. If you uploading to the hosting, use a good hosting for that!
C. In your home page, just preview 5 posts with auto read more (read this for how to make auto read more

2. Optimization of blog loading script

A. Use lazy load script. How? How to use the script? Click here if you want to know!
B. Use compressing technique. How to use that technique? Just click here!

Okay! Your blog loading is faster right? After you practicing my method? Thanks for reading this article!

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