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Make a most visited blog with linkwheel technique

     Linkwheel technique is link building techniques in turning. As shown in the image, Linkwheel built using free domain like wordpress, blogger, etc. So you do not have to worry to pay for purchase a domain.

Here are the most stable seo tips linkwheel techniques you can practice:

-. Make 4 or 5 blog for example by using: wordpress, blogger, Weebly, squido, quizilla. 
-. Make just one post in each blog.
Make 3 link in on each post. First link go to your main blog, link to the two still go to your blog with different keywords and links third link go to posting on your other blog. The point is this: post on wordpress ==> post in blogger ==> post on quizilla ==> posting on Weebly ==> posting in squidoo ==> Return to posts in wordpress (spinning).
-. Strengthen your post you make to submit in many dofollow directory, or search for backlinks from comment.

Function of the link which is circulated to reinforce each post, and in the post there are links to web / blog. The stronger and posting quality backlinks then it will be better the quality of web / blog. 

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