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Get money from your sites! But how?

     - How to get money from your sites? Infolinks the answer.

So, what is Infolinks?

For those who do not know and not familiar with the program of dollars, this explanation is simply DO or text ads on the content. So the ads from infolinks it can blend with your content so it does not need more space to place banner ads like other programs. If there is a visitor to click on the text then you get part of the click, infolinks give 70% of every visitor who clicks on the ad.

How the payment system?

 diffrence of Infolinks than other advantages program is the placement of advertising without consuming space on your blog/sites. how to install the code is also easy. directly over one minute. If your income is enough to be drawn, you can requesting your income from this program. Infolinks currently supports payment methods like below:

Paypal >> Minimum payout $ 50

Payoneer >> Minimum payout $ 50 as well, if not have you can also register through infolinks

Wire Transfer >> Minimum payout $ 400 fee was $ 25. Wire transfer is the most delicious because payment can go directly to our bank account.

Please you to select and use the method of payment which is, choose your own. if your income is greater/many from infolinks should use a wire transfer, it is my opinion.

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