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How to make your blog to be famous (Funny Version)

      Make a blog to be famous / popular and many visitors certainly a desire of all bloggers. Earlier build this blog I also have the same delusion that makes my blog so popular and famous are visited by thousands of people per day. But of course in order to achieve a goal or desire we need to try first because there was not an instant success that are directly obtained by so fast. At least, must have a surefire tricks how to popularize your blog to other people, so that your blog will become a blog was a famous and crowded. just hope one day you will find a predicate The Most Popular Blogs of the famous sites.

8 Secrets Popularize Your Blog:

1. Print your blog URL on the t-shirt and wear that t-shirt as often as possible. At least 5 times a week. Wash t-shirt if the smell is bad.

2. If you've had a child, then name your child with your blog url.

3. If someone were to ask your address, give your blog url address.

4. Open up your blog page on all computers at office and then act as if you do not know anything.

5. Threat your friends to join your blog page.

6. Draw graffity on the walls of your blog url in public toilets every time you pee.

7. To prove your seriousness, make tattos of your blog name on your hands.

8. if you are surprised, say the name of your blog suddenly in class or at a meeting.

And don't be so serious dude! Is test to proof this! Article

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  2. Thanks for the information. We all struggle to get more traffic, and hopefully your Funny Version will work. I never knew that these unusual methods would have such a big impact on traffic.

  3. Dear these tips are very helpful in SEO because if some one looking to make money online then he need to do good seo work. And these tips are best. I use to seo of my blog My blog have 2500+ visitor in Just 6 months due to SEO work


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