Powerful way to protect your USB

     Be careful, every USB plugged into the computer, may be infected with Virus. Moreover, when the computer is already infected with virus, most likely your USB will also be infected. So keep your USB correctly. Good, now let's discuss ways to keep USB.
1. USB Virus Blocking
Anti-virus programs usually have been integrated with a USB software called virus scan and remover. Anti virus will not only protect your computer from USB autorun virus but can also clean up worms, Trojans. You can try some anti-virus program such as USB Virus Scan USB, USB Drive Antivirus, and so on.

2. update Drivers

3. Ensure the work's Final
Sometimes the virus is made through a document or file is corrupted. If you transfer a file to a Flash Disk, make sure the transfer is complete before you remove the Flash Disk. Use the Safely Remove Hardware feature to do this, because some corrupted files that already transferred, in turn, can damage your Flash Disk.

4. Use is Flashdik Software Lock to keep your stick, please Download here http://hotfile.com/dl/116901136/ac0d96c/flash-disk-lock.rar.html

5. Use is USB Software Defender to protect your flash, please download here http://www.softpedia.com/get/Antivirus/USB-Defender.shtml

Please see information about computer security here and here

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