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12 Quick way Indexed In Google

1.In the early launch of the Blog, create 3 articles that directly relate to each other and more than 550 words (It is recommended not to copy paste and make an interesting article).

2.Register for your Blog to Google Add URL (

3.Fix A Broken Page

4.Commenting on popular blogs
 Make Comment on blogs that are popular and frequently visited, and blog content is relevant to the content of your blog. 5 blogs per day is enough, try to also comment on the article that you are the latest articles web / blog. Comments on dofollow blog also better. And most importantly do not SPAM. (
See article on how to distinguish Blog Dofollow and nofollow here)

5.Make a Sitemap for your Blog in google webmaster

6.Promote your blog on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others

7.Ping your blog is, can in or etc.

8.While waiting for the Ping process is complete, promote your blog at Free Social Bookmarking like 
9.Using Automatic meta tag (See The Way In Here)

10.optimization Heading tag(See The Way In Here)

11.Make A 2 Article (Articles should be good and do not copy and paste)

12.And pairs of Breadcrumb Navigation(See The Way In Here)

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