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What Is Internet

     Well, here's some clarification about Internet

World of IT [information technology] has been expanded with the advent of the INTERNET. Internet is very rapid progress because of their role. But if the internet is it exactly? Any use of the Internet?

Several modules that will be covered are:

- What is the Internet?
- A brief history
- Examples of Internet network
- Various types of connections
- How to connect via dial-up
- How to connect via handhone

Internet is a network of computer circuits [networking] with a series of other computers that covers a very wide around the world. Internet is useful for us to communicate and exchange information, files, data, voice, image and so on between individuals and people around the world.
Internet - is a global communications system that links computers and computer networks around the world. Every computer and network connected - directly or indirectly - to some of the main line is called the internet backbone and are distinguished from one another using a unique name which is called the IP address of 32 bits. Example:
With our INTERNET air may gain any information anywhere and anytime [no limit, anywhere and anytime]. You live to a search engine such as Yahoo and Google World. Type the words you want to search it will display the address of the website that provides information.
Computers and networks with different platforms have different and characteristic of each (Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.) exchange information with a standard protocol known as TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol).
TCP / IP is composed of four layers (network access, internet, host-to-host transport, and application), each of which has its own protocol.
With the internet we can ...
Correspondence correspondent communicate using e-mail
Obtain information with continuingWorld Wide Web (WWW)
Transferring files with continuing File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Video streaming is with this facility we can watch video files, online radio and so on computer
Access and control a computer remotely (remote login) Telnet continuing
Communicate online / direct as sms on mobile phone here only difference we can talk directly with several people at once by using Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Then there is another chat that allows you chat with can immediately see images of people who are also chat (technologi streaming video) that we can use MSN (messenger yahoo / hotmail messenger)
Groups that use the newsgroup as a forum for reporting
Entered into an electronic forum, a forum which can in general and we can read the commentary
For the company can be used for the central controller transactions, such as ATM, credit card and directly connect to the server so the company with the help of the Internet
And most recently the VOIP technology that can be anywhere on the phone with the help of the Internet [so that the phone also becomes cheaper]
Therefore, the Internet is very - very useful in the present and future. As has been foretold by Mr. Bill Gates Microsoft say , someday every home would have minimum one computer, the lack of a computer and will be interconnected through the Internet. If you are someone who still lay on the computer then you should quickly learn because the world of the future is a world of information. With this internet technology then any information you can get in the blink of an eye.

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