Charles Babbage, The inventor of computer

     Charles Babbage was one of the scientists in the world, which has a lot to work on human life, especially in the computer field. Calculating machines (Difference Engine No. 1) which was discovered by Charles Babbage (179-1871) is one of the most famousicon in the history of computers and is the first automatic calculator. Babbage also knownby the nickname the father of the computer. The Charles Babbage Foundation to use his name to honor his contributions to the world of computers.

Charles Babbage was born in what is now known as SouthwarkLondonDecember 26, 1791son of Benjamin Babbagea bankerThe surplus in mathematics is veryprominentUpon entering Trinity College at Cambridge in 1811, he found that mathematical ability is much bettereven than his own tutor.

     At the age of 20 years Babbage worked as a mathematician, especially in the field of calculus functionsIn 1816he was elected as a member of the "Royal Society(an organization of independent academic science and Great Britainis still active today)and play an important role in the foundation "Astronomical Society" (Organization of Astronomy and Geophysics Great Britainstill exists todayin the year 1820. At this timebecame interested in Babbage's calculating machineswhich continued until his death.

In 1821 Babbage invented the Difference Enginea machine that can sort the tableMathematics while completing it in 1832, he conceived the idea of ​​a better machine,which will be able to solve not just one but many different types of arithmetic operations.This machine is called the Analytical Engine (1856)which is intended as a general manipulation symbol machinesas well as having some characteristics of modern computersAmong them is the use of punched cards, a memory unit to enter a numberand variety of the basic elements of the other computer.

     Years 1829 to 1839, he conceived the Lucasian Chair earned Of Mathematics (mathprofessor important degree the most prestigious in the worldfrom the University of CambrdigeIn addition to calculating machinesBabbage also provide various other contributionsAmong British created the modern postal systemcompiled the first tablesof reliable insurancefind a locomotive cowcatcher (a triangular structure in front of the train, which is able to clean the rails of the disorderand several othersBesidesBabbage also contribute their ideas in economics and politicsBabage died at his home in London on October 18, 1871.

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