Computer's Components

     The basic components contained in a computer system, comprising hardware, software and brainware

1. Hardware

Hardware consists of several parts such as :
a. Input devicesmousekeyb
btool processes: CPU (Central Processing Unitand storage media
cThe output devicemonitor and printer

2. Software

     Software is a program containing instructions written in computer language that is understood by the computer hardware.
Software types are as follows:

A. Operating system software
operating system software will be deployed to :
1. Interpretertranslates commands understood by the application software so that hardware

2. Hardware configuration: recognize peripherals (computer support equipment)

3. file management: the management of file (data / program)

B. Application Software

Software applications, among others, used to process electronic dataMany softwareapplications offered in the marketbut we can group software applications according totheir use are as follows:

1. Software for word processing
2Software for processing the numbers / data table
3Software for statistical data processing
4Software for database processing
5Software for engineering drawing
6Software for image processing
7Software programming language to create their own applications

3. Brainware

     Brainware is a term used to refer to people who work associated with the computercomprising:
a. User / operatorpeople who can operate a computer
bAdministratorthe person who set up / design of work systemswork orders,
management of data to output.

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