Parts of the computer devices that are harmful

Anti-glare screen
1. Monitor

     Computer monitors typically use a picture tube (CRT) which can cause the intensity of light emitted by the monitor high enough to be accepted by the human eye retina.Therefore, part of the computer should have anti-glare screen, in order to avoid eyedamage due to the radiation beam of light from the computer earlier

2. CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Part of the computer is not directly in contact with the hand (wet) because electricity isthere on the CPU can electrocute you.

3. Computer Cables

     part of computer equipment that should be avoided from the water because it can cause a short circuit. This short circuit can cause electrical short circuit that can cause fires.

4. Keyboard

Avoid spilling water on the keyboard because it can cause the keyboard hangs / not functioning as it shouldTherefore, the keyboard consists of a set of tools that are electrically charged, the keyboard is exposed to water or wet materials can give rise toshort circuitIf it is being operated and can electrocute you.

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