CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, refers to computer hardware to understand and carry out the instructions and data from the microprocessor is a CPU that is produced in integrated circuits, often in a single-chip package. Since the mid-1970s,single-chip microprocessors have been commonly used and an important aspect in theimplementation of the CPU. CPU functions like a calculator, it's just more powerful CPU processing power. The main function of the CPU is to perform arithmetic and logic operations on data retrieved from memory or from the information entered via some hardware, such as keyboard, scanner, lever dick, and mouse. CPU controlled using a set of instructions the computer software. Such software can be executed by the CPU to read from the storage media, such as hard disks, floppy disks, compact discs, or tape recorderinstruction is then stored in advance in physical memory (RAM), where each instruction is assigned a unique address called a memory address. Next, the CPU can access data in RAM to determine the address of the desired power.

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