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     as people who are interested in internet business, we must know what could be the fields of money. Because this is important for business development. And blogs, including the potential to increase income affiliate program that we run.Before going any deeper, let's start from the types of blogs. Blogs that many people use today can be divided in some models:  

1. Affiliate Blog. In a affiliate blog, the affiliate marketer usually add their own affiliate link. 
2. Web publisher blog. this model is approximately the same as the print media. There is content in the form of articles and pictures, there are also advertisements. If you want to model this kind of blog, you should note the contents. You write good articles and pictures that you display. The goal? Yes, especially if it were not so many visitors that visit your blog. The hope, so many are interested to advertise in your blog.
Sales blog. is same as the online store. Typically, offline businesses also sell their products on the internet. The goods on display were sometimes the same as the goods they sell offline.
Service blog. If sales sell products, services blog of selling services. If you have a particular skill, you can promote your services. The advantage of using a blog, but you can look different from services that never existed, nor extend the reach of your marketing.
Network Blog. Network blog is a type of web publisher that joins them together. So this blog content network can consist of dozens or even hundreds of blogs. The purpose of the blog network is usually to expand your online network. So you can have lots of links to other blogs.

Anyway, you can also incorporate other types of blog above to expand your product marketing or sales. Well, the smartest idea you can make happen is to create a blog that combines the types of affiliate blog with other types of blogs. Maybe you could combine the affiliate blog, sales blog and web publishers together. In addition to money from selling affiliate products, you can also make money from ads!Interesting? But ... remember, the content that you display in the blog should be appropriate. If your products do not display the content according to the web publisher and your affiliate products, this could be dangerous! Visitors can direct your blog sentenced tacky.

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