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Rules Of Google Adsense

     Publisher is only allowed to put AdSense ads on sites that follow the rules of GoogleProtected material by LawPublisher is not allowed to put AdSense ad units on a site that contains material that protected by law, unless they have permission for it. Who used the law is the law of the DMCA, the digital media.
Rules WebmasterAdSense publishers are required to meet quality rules which are listed on the webmaster.
Forbidden to have more than one account. One account is enough for some blog / web.
2. Do not change the Adsense code.
3. Do not click your own adsense, or ask others to click your adsense for any reason.
4.No place information such as "Please click the ads" or "visit our sponsors' ... etc. .. in any language.
5. Do not put more than 3 adsense ad units and 3 ads adsense link or two search boxes on web pages. 
6. Do not put adsense adjacent to the image / thumb images.
7. Permitted to place adsense on a website / porn blog, mp3 downloads or illegal content
8. Prohibited from divulging CTR .... eCPM to others .. mainly through prinscreen or image 
9. Do not send your adsense ads via email. 
10. Title only label should only be "sponsored links" or "advertising" or "Advertisements" of it.
11. Do not put adsense ads with text other than the coloring and shape just like adsense. 
12. Should not open a new window when someone clicks on the ad.
13. Does not display advertising through the download process. 
14. Do not overlap with other images adsense ads / popups and other. 
15. Avoid from excessive keyword. Don't make Adsense ads as alternate ads. For example, you put ads from others AdSense and can not continue when the ad appeared, and you made google adsense as an alternative adsense. 
16. Just put adsense ads on a web page / blog. Must not place adsense ads as popup / popunder or other think.
17. Website / blog must have a Privacy Policy.

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