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The secret of Alexa rank and how to decrease Alexa rank

How to increase alexa rank? Who ever you are when you find this article, if your alexa rank is below 100 thousand then it does not have to read this article and find another article in this blog.

But if your alexa rank is still 300 thousand it seems to still need to read this article. Why? Because when I create this article in my alexa rank is 3,040,414, so logic right?

The question is whether the alexa rank is important to you? And a more basic alexa rank blog again if you do not increase steadily? Every time I visit a blog then there are two that I always be a reference quality is Page Rank and Alexa Rank. If a blog has got the PR-1 in the position of alexa rank is still 1 million or more, then my conclusion is this blog have a good back link quality. But if its alexa rank is the figure of 500 thousand and still PR-0 then the conclusion I have 3 that do not have a quality back link, still too young, or socialization is still lacking. This double standard is very important to me. Both are also usually i use to assess the quality of the articles in the blog that I visit.

Actually discussing the increase alexa rank as complex as discussed Page Rank actually even a bit more difficult to get Rank Alexa Page Rank 1 rather than page rank 10. Why? Because Alexa Rank 1's only one person means the competition is very tight, while the PR-10 could have a lot of blogs.

What is the reference in making Alexa ranking actually is not so clear, what effect on it other than update the article and blog traffic. With this reality, the needs analysis based on experiences through personal blogs. From the results of a combination of discussion that I found on the blog friends with personal experience, I draw conclusions.
These are tips from me;

In terms of the initial start and progress rank, alexa no special treatment from the domain to paid hosting instead of free domain. For me personally alexa rank positions 3,040,414 as of this writing I've made too difficult for me to get on a blog website when compared to my other friend with a paid domain name at a younger age (sorry, the article is also not very attractive and not in English) but it is very easy to break the figure of 600 thousand. This distinction is very real because of the position in alexa rank occupied only one blog.

So it may be said Alexa have a more attention to paid domain than a free domain, although very much a free domain blog is much better than the paid domain. The fact that pay domain was even more (sorry) ugly but is given a better ranking by Alexa.

If the comparison between the updated article with a very real traffic that Alexa prefer the update article. A blog with a friend close to the average traffic 125-250/ day and equally free domain on blogspot alexa rank it still stands at 3,665,405. While the average with traffic only been able to achieve the ranking 30-75/ day 3,040,414. The difference is I diligently update the article every day while my friend was more busy for blogwalking.

Problems increase alexa rank will be more complicated that simply relying on the blog free download ebook free software and update the article or do not have the article at all. But this complexity can be overcome by pursuing the above 500/ day traffic. The good news is there is a website that I visited there was only a sales letter, no article, but can reach thousands of alexa rank below 50 but with an average traffic 1000/ day.
For a free domain seems tough competition at the position between 400-500 thousand alexa rank. This means that at this position increases the ranking will be slow and sometimes even go up even though there is an update of the article. Much different from paid domain, fierce competition will occur if the ranking is in the position of tens of thousands. Once again seems a little unfair in granting alexa ranking.

Chance of reaching the top is very difficult to Alexa than Google her homework. To raise the position in the eyes of alexa we have to compete with tens of millions of bloggers on Page Rank while we are not competing with anyone to occupy a specific PR. With this fact I would venture to say that it is very difficult to shift the position of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other in 5 years.

With reality as described above, if a blogger wants to make a spectacular increase alexa rank make two articles per day, or at least one article. I'm sure if this routine for one week there's a significant change in the alexa rank.

But I've run out of material and all already on the internet, what else would I write? To be honest to yourself this is the reason for the deadly ancient creativity. As long as we assume that writing articles is important so long as there was also a topic that we will write. What for example? No need to worry about let alone the material article, but it is enough that the Internet opened up in the morning looking for new and interesting articles from other blogs and make a sort of your personal review on the topic and then combine it with your personal assumptions. As long as there is internet, during which millions of articles we can make according to our abilities.

Logically I think we should make at least one article about alexa in our blog. For what? Alexa owners will surely be happy if in a blog he found a review on alexa. It may also be considered to install the Alexa toolbar and the Alexa widget on the blog.

Of the many service providers are trying to give ranking to your blog / website seems to Rank Alexa is still highly respected, although not as much as Page Rank. Fact that outside of its Google Page Rank also was a lot of bloggers are saturated because of its alexa rank is not clear. Could that be are you? Hehehehe just kidding.
A personal message:
if you blog is PPC (paid / click) does not need to bother with Alexa Rank.

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