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Effective And Accurate Preparation To Be Approved By Google Adsense

     This preparation is a super potent preparation to be accepted by google adsense. I believe 100% you will be accepted by google adsense. Because of the way this has been evidenced in my other blog, so be prepared to be accepted by google adsense. Do not worry about the preparation if will be very difficult preparation because I say 100% sure to be accepted by google adsense, actually this is not difficult way, this is extremely easy preparation.

in addition to easy, the preparation is also free. And guaranteed to be 100% sure success. Ready to accept by google adsense? Ready to become rich? follow these ways:

1. Read article about Rules of google adsense first!
2. You must know about google adsense, so read THIS article!
3. You must know how to be accepted by google adsense, so read THIS article!
4. You're having trouble getting visitors? but it is one of the preparation? So, just read article about 196 CRAZY WAYS to brings MANY VISITORS to your blog for FREE, and is proven as SUPER EFFECTIVE WAYS
5. Make sure you follow all steps in the article on the point before the point number 5, or at this point.
6. Make a menu at top of your blog/website (like on my blog) are: About, Privacy Policy, Contact Me and Sitemap. You can't make a Privacy Policy? Just read THIS article.
7. TAADAA... Congratulation, your preparation is ready! Just register to google adsense with your gmail account (don't use yahoo or other email account except gmail, you must use gmail) use Gmail to register at google adsense now! Update your article, 1 day 1 article, if possible 2 article for 1 day while waiting for google adsense approve you.

Some evidence if this way is really effective: For point 1, you must know by your self right? For point 2, is just some information if you don't know about google adsense, or you confused how google adsense are work and what i must choice? Or something like that. For point 3-5, you must know by your self. And for point 6, it contained in some link before point 6 right? And for point 7, just look your blog/website for 2-3 days after you registering on google adsense...

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