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Newest Google Adsense Review Algorithm 2012

     Before you register your blog into Google AdSense, would be better if you know the newest google adSense review algorithm. And this will make a prospective google adsense publisher getting hard to get google adsense account. You have to be patience to wait google adsense review your site/blog. Okay, I will explain it now.

This is experience from my other blog. Why do I make the article here? Sorry, I'm going to tell you a little story. My blog already rejected/not approved 2 times by google adsense, but since I did a little research until I created this article. After following all of my summary, I finally ventured to register my blog to google adsense. After one day I receive a email that notice if my blog is approved (yaay! That was fast). But it turns out, after i reading the email entirety, google adsense is going to review again for 4 days after I put the ad code on my blog (((TT;) (; TT)) sad and confuse). By the way the reason why I make an article on this blog rather than my other blog because my other blog has a different theme and content of much of this blog. Sorry for bad english :P <(_ _)>.
     As you know, before the new rule was made, first if we are going to register (apply) Google AdSense, we just need a Blog (in English of course) to be registered. And through a relatively brief review, if Google considers our blog does not violate the TOS, according to criteria of Google, then Google AdSense account our request will immediately be fully accepted. Even in just one hour we were able to get a Google AdSense account.

So what is different with the new regulations at this time Google AdSense? Currently Google is tightening the rules for would-be publisher of GA. If Google just prior to the review of blog once registered, to rule that this latest Google do twice a review of the blog is registered. The meaning is this, you apply for a Google AdSense account by registering your blog. Google do a review of your blog. If your blog is included in the criteria (not violate the TOS) then your application is received, but not completely. Google still will do a second review to ensure you are serious about your blog and Google AdSense.

     This means that Google will do 2x a review of our blog. The first review may be a very short time, even I had only one day to get the above email notification. The second review that can not be determined. Indeed in the email explained that this second review takes 4 working days, but may actually be more than 4 days, and some have more than a month. So if you sign up for Google AdSense a new one week but does not go well as email notification will be accepted or rejected your application so just be patient, it means that Google is conducting a review of your blog.

So what should we do during this second review? Always update your blog, updated each day if possible. Content of the post must be unique, do not copy and paste from other blogs even you put the source. Because the copy paste article (duplicated) will automatically be banned by Google, remember! you are still in the review process. So you inevitably have to follow these new rules to get their Google AdSense account. Be patient and always optimistic.

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  1. Vinayak raghuvamshiOctober 5, 2012 at 11:59 PM

    Looks like their crawlers only understand blogs. What about portals that require authentication before letting you enter? What if i want to use ads on inner pages? They keep rejecting saying 'insufficient content'. Seems too lame to me that instead of encouraging serious publishers they would rather depend on policing and dumb crawlers

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  3. nice post... very educative.. google adsense have rejected my second applications after second review..


  5. Google ADSENSE I LOVE THIS My Blog Is waiting for google adsense ads

  6. There are several factors, why new publishers faces the second review, most cases are their web or blog still violates Google Adsense TOS, Btw thanks for your info.


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