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How to quickly attract visitors to our blog or site for free (100% TESTED & 100% WORKING) PART 1

    - How to quickly attract visitors to our blog or site for free. Is TESTED and 100% WORKING. This might be a little underhanded way, but this is clean and not illegalIt's very effective and very quickly proved to attract visitors. and never copy and paste this article to your site, because it's 100% creative thinking from my self (of course 100% from my brain). You allowed to copy and paste this article if you link this article too in your copy&paste article.

Ignore this paragraph if you are not fooled or tricked by weird article that say some things weird untill you read this article. Sorry for all have tricked by that article, because is my test to prove my method if that 100% WORKED. Once again, sorry! Hehehe

     Okay, i will explain How to quickly attract visitors to our blog or site:

1. First, we need intention. Because is not easy to do. We need hardwork to see the super great result.

2. Then search about super populer article (just 5 article and according to your blog theme) Then copy&paste that article in word software.

3. After that, you must use your own imagination.Consider an article or title that really can attract visitors, even that article is lie and impossible. Example for my blog theme ( SUPER NEW OS THAT BETTER THAN MAC AND WINDOWS (Release on 2013) ), ( Review AOD OS, the SUPER NEW OS THAT BETTER THAN MAC OS, WINDOWS OS AND LINUX OS) and some things like that can attract visitors. And dont forget to write that title to word software. Make it 15 title.

4. Edit that 5 popular article, make it like it make by you. And Post that article in your site in one day. Don't forget to share that article on bookmarking sites, facebook, twitter, etc. Then ping your blog.

5. Wait untill 2-3 days.

6. After that, make article according to your thinking in point 3. Copy&Paste your creative impossible and lie title to your article. Then make at least super 5 tag to attract visitors. Make it 10 article.

7. Then make one article that notify the reader that they are tricked.

8. Then make that 10 article to link each other, and at last link, make two link to make it spinning again or make it going to notify article.

9. Maybe you need to read THIS! Article. In order to make you understand what I mean for those who do not understand this article.

10. Then make 5 article again with your own creative title and tag. Then link it each other, BUT, don't make a link to notify article.

11. Then use your brain again. To think what kids, teens or adults person search in Internet. Make it 10 article with super title that make people interesting to it. And don't forget to make 5 tags each article.

12. Then link each other of that article. In this point, is up to you, want to link the notify article in last article or not link the notify article.

13. Finish this method at least for 2 weeks.

14. Just use this method/way just for 5 times. Because i considered the safest way.


How it works? Ahh! You will know by your self!

Okay, that's the way! Thank you very much to read this article! Keep working hard and never give up!
Eh, This article just for attract visitors, not going to get loyal readers. If you want to get loyal readers, read the article HERE! And if you want to read how to attract visitors part 2, read it HERE!

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  1. Sure this really work. I used and I get result on my blog thanks you dear for these tips


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